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Weather Vane Category: Geography
Dated: 2011-05-10
The two most important things about the wind are its strength or speed and the direction in which it is blowing. We use a weather vane or a windsock (a kind of long cloth tube through which the wind is funneled) to see wind direction. Wind strength is measured by the Beaufort scale, wind socks or by special instruments called anemometers. These machines have several small cups that spin when caught in the wind. The speed of the spin then measured against a scale.
Make you own weather vane to find out the wind direction.

Steps to be taken

  1. Cut an arrow from thick card and tape a pen top to its middle.
  2. Fix a knitting needle or a wooden stick to a heavy base, such as a brick, so that it does not move. Slide the pen top and arrow over it.
  3. Put your weather vane outside where it will catch the wind. Remember that the arrow will point in the direction the wind is blowing from. Ask an adult to help you check the wind directions with a compass.

Follow up

Make a wind rose to record the direction of the wind. Colour in a strip when the wind blows from one direction. Is there a main, or prevailing, wind in your area?
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  • Scissors
  • Pen top
  • Thick card
  • Tape