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Bird Feeder Category: Environment
Dated: 2011-03-29
This craft requires cutting with a sharp knife. Play it safe and have a grown-up do the cutting.

Steps to be taken

1.    Take an empty milk carton and clean it thoroughly with soap and water.
2.    If the carton’s top was opened for pouring, seal it shut with a strong tape.
3.    Lie the milk carton on a sturdy surface. Draw outlines of the doorways on the carton leaving 1” - 2 “top and bottom and about 1” along the sides. With a sharp knife cut out large windows from 2 sides of the milk carton, once cut, your bird feeder is ready for decoration.
4.    When the carton is completely dry, poke a hole all the way through the top of the carton.
5.    Tie the string through each hole.
6.    Fill the bottom of the carton with bird food.
7.    Take the feeder outside and hang it by the strings from a tree. You may need a grown-up’s help here to make sure it is high enough to be out of the reach of cats.
8.    Remember to regularly add bird food to the feeder.
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  •     1 or 2 litre milk carton
  •     Piece of heavy string at least 12” long
  •     Tape (masking or duct)
  •     A sharp knife
  •     Latex or poster paints or paper (wrapping, construction, newspaper) glue, and varnish
  •     Bird food: bird seed, nuts, bread