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Grow a Potato Plant Category: Environment
Dated: 2011-03-29
Now you can have your fries from your own garden!

Steps to be taken

1.  Find a potato which has some buds or "eyes" forming on it.
2.  With adult supervision, cut the potato in half
3.  Dig a whole in the ground and plant the potato with the eyes facing up.
4. Cover the potato with the dirt, stick your marker near the area where you planted the potato and water.
5.  Continue to water the potato every other day or so and keep watch for it progress.
6.  After a month or so you will should see the plant growing and under the earth the roots have taken and are reproducing several potatoes.
Keep a close watch each day as you will be able to see how the plant is getting on. 
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  • A Knife
  • Water
  • A potato
  • A stick or marker
  • A patch of dirt