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Things rot away Category: Environment
Dated: 2011-03-29
Have you ever counted how many glass bottles, metal cans or plastic containers are thrown away in your house in a week, or in a month? It all adds up to a lot of rubbish.
Instead of throwing away a glass, metal and plastic, you can help the environment by using them again.
You can see which things rot away by doing this simple experiment.

Steps to be taken

1.  Did a hole and bury a drinks can, a glass jar, a plastic pot, paper and some apple. Mark the place with a stick. Dig it after two week to see what’s left.
2.  Don’t forget to take your rubbish away after two weeks is up!

What happens?

Worms and other tiny creatures will have begun to eat the food and paper. These things are bio gradable. The glass, plastic and metal can would just lie in the soil for years.
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  • a drinks can
  • a glass jar
  • a plastic pot
  • paper
  • some apple.