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Make your own Thermometer Category: Science
Dated: 2011-03-14
Temperature is usually measure in degrees Celsius (ºC) OR degrees Fahrenheit (ºF). These temperature scales are based on the point at which water boils and freezes. Make your own simple thermometer and measure the temperature.

Steps to be taken

1.    Ask an adult to drill a hole in the bottle’s cap. Assemble the thermometer, making sure that the water comes part away up the straw when you fix o the cap. Leave the water to settle for an hour then mark the water level on the scale.
2.    Stand the thermometer in a bowl of ice cold water and a bowl of very hot water. See how the water level changes.
3.    Ask an adult to help you fix a thermometer in a shady, dry place outdoors. Keep a record of the daily temperature for a month.
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  • strong plastic bottle with a screw cap
  • a thin plastic straw
  • modelling clay
  • sellotape
  • thick card
  • poster paint
  • water