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Water Whirl Category: Handicrafts
Dated: 2011-02-11

Steps to be taken

1 Poke a hole in the bottom right-hand corner of each side of the carton.

2 Pull up the top flaps and poke a hole through each one. Tie a length of string through the holes to form a loop, as shown.

3 Loop the string over a pencil and hold it so the carton hangs over a sink. Get a friend to cover the four holes with their fingers, then steadily fill the carton with water from the tap.

4 When the carton is almost full, get your friend to let go, and stand as far back as you can!

5 The water will spurt from the four holes, and the carton should begin to spin.

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  • empty milk or juice carton
  • sharp pencil for poking holes
  • string
  • a friend to help you!