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Make Your Own Periscope Category: Science
Dated: 2011-02-09

Steps to be taken

1. Cut a square five centimetres by five centimetres, about one centimetre from the end of two of the strips of card.

2. Draw a straight line seven centimetres from each end of the other strips of card. Then draw a diagonal line as shown.

3. Cut a slot seven centimetres long along each diagonal line. The slot must be big enough for a mirror to slot into it.

4. Lay out the four pieces of card on a flat surface. Join them together with sticky tape.

5. Stick together the other two sides to make a box.

6. Push a mirror through each pair of slots. Make sure the fronts of the mirrors are facing each other. Put some sticky tape along each slot to stop the mirrors sliding out.

7. Now you are ready to look around corners and over high walls.
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  • four strips of card, 30 cm x 7 cm
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • sticky tape
  • two small mirrors about 8 cm x 7 cm