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Compass Rose Category: Geography
Dated: 2010-09-14
A compass rose is a design on a map that shows directions. It shows north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.

Steps to be taken

On the compass rose above, only north is filled in. Draw this shape using drawing compass and pencil or print it on a paper. Fill in the rest of the directions on the compass rose, with different colours using the standard abbreviations:
N=North, S=South, E=East, W=West, NE=Northeast, NW=Northwest, SE=Southeast, SW=Southwest.
When north is at the top of the compass rose (as it often is), south is at the bottom, east is on the right, and west is on the left. Northeast is between north and east, northwest is between north and west, southeast is between south and east, and southwest is between south and west.
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