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Whole and Mixed Numbers Category: Mathematics
Dated: 2010-08-02
What's ?
Well, that's of 6. Think about it:
You have 6 pizzas...
and you get to eat of them.
This is like splitting up the pizza between 3 people:
You get 2 pizzas
Your friend gets
2 pizzas
And your dog gets
2 pizzas
So of 6 is 2.
But, how do we do this with just math? EASY!!
We know how to multiply two fractions... Right?
So, just make both things be fractions. Check it out:
is already a fraction...
But, what about the 6?
Guess what? We can write 6 as .
Think about it:
is the same as ... which is 6!
(You can do this with any number!)
Back to the problem:
Just what we figured!
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