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Sunflower craft Category: Handicrafts
Dated: 2009-11-19
These sunflowers are made from small paper plates, a paper towel tube, sunflower seeds, and construction paper

Steps to be taken

The Stem of the Sunflower: Use glue or tape to wrap a piece of green construction paper around a paper towel tube.

The Petals of the Sunflower: Trace a child's handprints on yellow construction paper. Cut them out. You'll need about 6 handprints.

The Sunflower: Glue or staple the handprints around the small paper plate.

Put a small layer of glue in the center of the flower. Sprinkle sunflower seeds in the glue.

Staple the stem to the flower (you'll have to flatten the top of the paper towel tube in order to staple it). You now have a huge sunflower!
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  •     1 Small plain paper plate
  •     Paper towel tube
  •     Green construction paper (sheet)
  •     Yellow construction paper (a few sheets)
  •     Scissors
  •     Pencil
  •     Tape
  •     Glue
  •     Stapler
  •     Sunflower seeds (a small handful)