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Bottle boat Is Air Heavy? Runaway matchsticks Make needle-magnets Coloured flowers Red cabbage indicator
Baloon rocket Rolling can Bending Water Make Your Crystals Hoverball Make the Rainbow white
Ping pong balls on move Make you own battery Make Your Own Periscope Make Your Own Electroscope Simple Switch Make your own Thermometer
Lemon Penicillin Air Pressure Make the green celery stalk red Make an egg float Make an electromagnet Lava in a Cup
Change a White Flower to Any Colour Make a Siphon Egg Graffiti Make your own pinhole camera Clean your coins Make a paper clip float
Blow up your balloon Vanishing candle flame Does it carry electricity? Make some rubbery plastic Make a Balloon Rocket Blobs in a Bottle
Make a Cartesian Driver Make your own Electric Motor Make a Solar Panel Make Your Own Telescope Make Your Own Hygrometer Model of an animal cell
Lava in a bottle Mixing & Separating Bending Light Make Fizzy Bubbles Make a Hoop Glider Make Starch Slime
Blow up a balloon with yeast Static electricity to roll can